so these moments don't get lost in the void of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey....stuff.

just sad and lost.

i blame the crazy voice teacher.

petty. so so petty.

“That’s the place you took a cheeky wee out on the garden?”


Anon 2014 (via redkid92)

oh, james. of all the things to remember :)

Oh shit

It just keeps getting worse.

Naughty naughty naughty.

Time for reform, methinks.


(opens webcam application)


(closes webcam application)

every goddamn day.
each time, i think, ‘maybe now for the impromptu selfie’.


nope nope nope.

(via whoisannawintour)

This here is drunky 80s party xanthe.

This weekend I danced my booty off at Goodgod, kissed two people I should not have, and managed to vomit only in toilets. I’m calling it a success.


i miss harry.

what a butt.

Karaoke, coke and Harry’s diner.

And yes, hit the 46s.
Livin’ (less) large.

Well guys, the votes are in. I am a very good actor.

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wow, didn’t quite realise how far i’d come until i saw the last photobooth picture i took (the night before my 21st birthday).

had to do a little comparison shot.
you may not see the difference, but it’s huge to me.

i looked like flippin’ bridget jones!

three people asked me on dates last week.

i am still very sad and lonely tonight.

hitting the sads again.

but not everything is bad, because jeffrey just jumped up onto my bed, and i recently gained absolute closure on an old (once very strong) flame.